Home Audio Solutions

Every home and household has different requirements for their home audio solution. iPower only work with high quality products to provide audio solutions which sound amazing, are simple to control, and work with the design of your home.


SONOS products produce high quality sound and have a very user-friendly app to give you control over what music is played in your home, either through a streaming service or local music collection. Each SONOS speaker can be controlled to play a different song, or they can be grouped together to all play the same music.

A range of SONOS wireless speakers can be moved around the house to provide music wherever it’s needed. The speakers come in different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for its purpose and location.

The SONOS Playbar works as one with your TV, providing high quality TV and movie audio as well as high quality music when it’s music time.

The SONOS Connect is a pre-amp which brings the convenience of the SONOS control app into your existing Hi-Fi equipment.

The SONOS Connect-Amp allows you to make use of your existing favourite speakers but control them through the easy-to-use SONOS app.

SONOS is ideal for situations where you want:

  1. An easy to Control Audio System,
  2. You Don’t Want to Damage Walls or Ceilings,
  3. You Want the Flexibility to Move Speakers Around the House.

Learn more about SONOS.

SONANCE (Indoor)

SONANCE provides a range of options for situations where speakers should be located in the walls or ceiling and the highest quality of sound is important. The SONANCE range provides speakers with different levels of visual impact. This includes the ‘Invisible’ range which are completely invisible once installed and still produce amazing sound.

SONANCE speakers are designed to be used in a ‘Distributed Audio‘ system. This approach provides an even and balanced sound experience throughout the room and unlike the traditional approach avoids areas which are either too loud or too quiet. This is achieved by using a number of smaller satellite speakers and a sub-woofer.

Learn more about Distributed Audio and the SONANCE range.

SONANCE (Outdoor)

SONANCE provides ranges of speaker systems to provide audiophile quality music to the outdoors. Each system includes a number of satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. Together these provide an even and balanced sound experience throughout the outdoor area, unlike the normal two speaker approach.

The speakers are also designed to be hidden within  the garden and faced back towards the house. This gives you the best listening experience and also minimises noise disturbance to the neighbours. They are tough and built to last outside in the harsh NZ conditions.

Learn more about SONANCE Outdoor.

A combination of the above products is often an ideal solution for the audio solution throughout your home and garden. Importantly, it provides an extremely user-friendly way to control the music, so you don’t end up with a great sounding system that’s just too hard to use.

Contact iPower now to see how we can help you plan and install an audio solution for your home so you can start enjoying music the way it’s meant to be heard.

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