Why Choose SONANCE Outdoor Speakers?

SONANCE Outdoor speakers systems have revolutionised outdoor audio and brings breathtaking quality sound to your outdoor area.

  • SONARRAY SR1 : is perfect for smaller areas up to 185 sq.m. The system includes 8 satellite speakers and 1 buried subwoofer which bring distributed and balanced audio to your outdoor space.
  • Landscape Series : the highest level of audio quality and the 70V system allows scaling to bring perfectly balanced audio to any size property.

Both of these products adopt a ‘systems’ approach to outdoor audio. By combining a number of satellite speakers and a subwoofer, an even volume level is achieved and coverage is balanced across the whole outdoor space. The sound appears to come evenly from all directions. The speakers are positioned in the landscape facing back towards the house which improves the listening experience and minimises disturbance to the neighbours.

In the traditional approach to outdoor audio, speakers are often attached to the house and face outwards towards the patio or garden. This results in poor coverage and many hot/cold spots where the volume is either too loud or too quiet. The sound also carries out to surrounding properties which are in the line of the speakers. Overall, this approach provides a poor outcome.

Contact iPower now to see how we can help you plan and install an audio solution for your home so you can start enjoying music the way it’s meant to be heard.

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