SONANCE SONARRAY SR1 is a revolutionary new system which brings extremely high quality, distributed audio to your outdoor area. It brings a whole new level of atmosphere and ambiance to outdoor entertaining.

Why choose SONARRAY Outdoor Speakers?

  • Amazing sounding outdoor audio system for areas up to 185 sq. m.
  • Bundled solution featuring 8 satellite speakers and 1 buried subwoofer, provides an even volume .
  • Low impedence system can be powered off a standard 2-channel power amplifier or AV receiver.
  • Easy to install.

The SONARRAY SR1 system is a complete outdoor audio system that delivers amazing sound and perfectly-even volume levels for an outdoor area.

The SONARRAY outdoor speakers system fully immerses outdoor spaces in perfectly balanced sound by strategically placing eight satellite speakers and a buried subwoofer around the perimeter while being hidden among the landscape. This optimised system approach results in breathtaking performance and a perfect blanket of audio that won’t disturb the neighbours.

Paired with a Sonance DSP amplifier, the SR1 system is tailored to adapt to any space’s hardscape or landscape. This ensures the SR1 sytem delivers unparalleled audiophile performance.

In gardens and patios, the SR1’s system of satellites and subwoofer creates crystal clear audio emanating from everywhere, and raises the bar on affordable high quality outdoor audio.

Traditional Approach

In typical outdoor audio installations, a pair of speakers are placed in one location and usually on the same plane. The result can produce various undesired effects:

  • Uneven volume: some areas are too loud and others too quiet. This can impact furniture location and natural gathering areas.
  • Unbalanced coverage: the sound effect is poor as left and right channels are unbalanced in most locations.
  • Unwanted noise: speakers are usually placed on the house and point out towards the neighbours which can create unwanted disturbances.

A Systems Approach

Creating a system composed of satellite speakers and subwoofer envelops a space fully in clear and balanced audio.

  • Even volume: this approach produces a similar result to a well layered lighting design that has no hot spots or dark spots and provides smooth even coverage throughout the area.
  • Sound from everywhere: the Sonance Landscape Series system uses small satellite speakers and subwoofers perfectly arranged around the perimeter of the property. The outcome is positioned audio that comes from below, above, front and behind.
  • No disturbances: the SR1 is positioned not to spill into surrounding properties by facing it towards the owner’s property.
  • Flexibility: Satellite speakers are camouflaged so they blend into their surroundings and can be placed within the plants and foliage of your outdoor area.
  • Built-to-last: The SR1 system is constructed of corrosion proof composite that won’t corrode or flake over time and will withstand harsh New Zealand conditions.

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