Why Choose SONANCE and Distributed Audio?

SONANCE has the perfect products for people who want audiophile quality speakers and also want the finished look to complement the design of their home. If this means making all the speakers completely invisible, SONANCE can do that too!

Tthe SONANCE Series include:

  1. Visual Performance‘ series – offers extraordinary sound quality with a minimalist visual impact to complement your space.
  2. Architectural‘ series – sets a new benchmark in acoustic performance with an architectural design. Perfectly flush mounts and trimless design compliment and blend perfectly with your contemporary lighting choice.
  3. Invisible‘ series – perfect for no-compromise design situations requiring audiophile quality audio and no visible sign of the speakers. Stunning sound emanates from walls and ceilings without any visual element to distract from the surroundings.

SONANCE were the original inventors of in-wall speakers and created the category. For over 25 years they have been redefining and reinventing their products to maintain their position as the market leader.

SONANCE speakers have been designed from the ground up to maximise sound quality and enhance the aesthetics of the room they’re in. Each SONANCE series offers a different set of aesthetic properties to suit the specific requirements of the room. Each series also offers a range of speakers to accommodate a range of listening preferences and budgets.

Creating Audio Consistency and Balance


A space’s audio solution needs to work in harmony with the design of the space, not be in conflict with it. SONANCE provides options to suit every aesthetic so the speakers match the same shape, size and installation profile of your choice of lighting. The Invisible range takes this a step further with speakers which are built into the wall and plastered over, so there is no visible sign of them.

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach to audio in a space is to use two speakers. The result of this is uneven volume levels. Sound is either too loud under the speakers or is too quiet in other parts of the room. It is impossible to get the balance right for everyone and it leads to sound hot-spots and a poor audio and atmospheric experience.

Even Coverage and Sound Systems

Creating consistent sound in a space requires a similar approach to lighting. With good lighting, multiple lights are spaced across the ceiling to achieve consistent light levels throughout the whole space. The same concept applies to speakers to achieve a balanced sound volume and avoid spots where the volume is too loud or too quiet. Even coverage provides the perfect environment for entertaining areas and a more pleasing audio environment for general usage.

Using several smaller satellite speakers and hidden sub-woofers lets you enjoy perfectly even sound coverage throughout the room and they are also visually less noticeable.

The size and purpose of each room is taken into consideration when deciding what speakers are appropriate for each particular area. The end result are speakers throughout the house which complement each other to create an ideal audio solution throughout the home.

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