SONANCE Invisible Speakers

SONANCE Invisible speakers for In-Wall and In-Ceiling vanish into room designs. They deliver ambient music that emanates from walls and ceilings, both everywhere and nowhere at once. They have no visible footprint and the surface finish is identical to the surrounding area, be it plaster and paint, wallpaper, or wooden paneling.

Why SONANCE Invisible Series?

  • Truly invisible aesthetic allows a space’s design to come first.
  • Best-in-category performance, efficiency, and dispersion.
  • Easy and flexible to install in gib-board, plaster, wallpaper, and wood veneer.

Sound and Design

The SONANCE Invisible series delivers unbelievable sound quality which emanates from the wall or ceiling without any visible signs of a speaker. The lack of any visual sign means the room’s design is not compromised in any way. Designers and music lovers can live in harmony!

The Invisible series are perfect for any type or sized space, including homes, restaurants, retail boutiques, art galleries and museums.

The SONANCE Invisible series offers a best-in-class 170 degrees of sound dispersion which  delivers an even volume level and better sound throughout the entire space.

State-of-the-Art Construction

The Invisible series speakers are constructed with a high quality extruded aluminium chassis and injection molded polypropylene diaphragm for peace of mind and many years of reliable service.

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