SONOS Wireless Music System – WiFi HiFi!

Take control of your music! iPower are super excited about this system that is revolutionising the way we listen and interact with music in our homes.

Wirelessly manage all your music, from anywhere in your house, from your own library or online music services or from free radio stations, podcasts and programmes… Create playlists, organize everything in one place, and individually control the volume and different songs in each room… It’s simply fantastic, and we especially love the amazing new ‘Playbar’ from SONOS!

How it works

Make your WiFi go HiFi! Digital music with HiFi sound – no sound loss over wireless. Start with one music device (Speaker) or Connect connected to your WiFi router – then you can expand the system wirelessly throughout your home using Sonos’ own MESH wireless network. If none of the Sonos music devices can be physically connected to your home network, they can be setup to use the house Wi-Fi instead. The Sonos Boost gets used to expand the Sonos mesh wireless network in large houses or “difficult WiFi houses” (e.g. concrete and steel houses).

You can add players (speakers) to as many rooms as you like. Each are linked wirelessly and all controlled from your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC! Already have a stereo / home theatre that you love? Simply use the SONOS CONNECT and let it stream all the music on earth to your existing equipment. Plus you get the user-friendly Sonos app to simplify control over what music to play.

The SONOS CONNECT-AMP allows you to drive your existing favourite speakers and be able to control them through the user-friendly Sonos controller app along with the rest of your SONOS music devices.

SONOS has all the options to bring great sound and user-friendly control of your music into your home. Our customers regularly comment on how much more music they listen to after we’ve set them up with SONOS.

Why use iPower for your SONOS System?

  • iPower knows the Sonos systems intimately. Knowledge is power and the more you know about your system, the more you will use it.
  • As “you don’t know what you don’t know”, iPower can fill the gaps.
  • iPower will advise on the best component and or components for the best fit for your home and your situation.
  • We will provide you with the best advise on how to interface with your current systems and or music libraries.
  • Guaranteed it will not be a white elephant, it will be one of the best investments you make – if it is installed correctly, which is where we at iPower come into our own.

iPower can help implement this amazing system to its full potential, as your budget and needs dictate. The preferred services we use with Sonos are “TIDAL”, “Spotify”, “Pandora Radio” and “TuneIn Radio”. Sonos also works with all the other main music services, so if you use another one, you can still use it through Sonos.

We offer FREE consultations and advice, so please get in touch with us to find out exactly how you can get this system in your own home.

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